GIs Traditional Galician Spirits and Liqueurs

The Regulatory Council for the Geographical Indications (GIs) of Traditional Galician Spirits and Liqueurs is the only certification body for wine distillates in Spain. It guarantees the origin of the Galician Spirit and Aged Galician Spirit, as well as the Herbal Spirit, Herbal Liqueur, and Coffee Liqueur.

 It was introduced with the Specific Designation Galician Spirits (Augardente de Galicia), established by the Order of 5 May 1989. Its first regulations and the constitution of its Regulatory Council were approved in September 1993.

As its name indicates, the GIs of Traditional Galician Spirits and Liqueurs cover the entire Autonomous Community of Galicia, which means that grapes harvested throughout the entire area this autonomous community are used for the production of its distillates. The processes for obtaining the spirits accepted by the Regulatory Council are the traditional ones in Galicia: stills, alembics or the steam entrainment system. The special characteristics of the soil, climate, grape varieties, and distillation procedures make these products unique.