These are wines produced in a landscape and territory traditionally made from expert blends of native grape varieties, each of them contributing their own characteristics in order to obtain authentic and genuine wines. Wines with distinctive Atlantic features, fresh, smooth, and elegant, marked by the gentle influence of the Mediterranean climate.

Most of the white wines are made from the Treixadura grape, as well as other varieties in smaller proportions. They are usually young wines with a high potential for ageing in the bottle.

They stand out for their elegance and subtlety, the aromas of ripe fruit and fresh fruit, floral notes, hints of honey, aromatic herbs, and balsamic notes. On the palate they are balanced, smooth, and delicate.

Ribeiro red wines are authentic, have character, and are genuine. They represent about 10% of production and their personality is defined by the native grapes.

The “Tostado”, or toasted wine, is a naturally sweet wine with a long tradition in the Ribeiro Designation of Origin. A real oenological treasure with a laborious, complex production process and low production levels.